Seasoned Firewood Logs & Wood Shelters - Totnes

Firewood Log Delivery

Our hardwood logs are ready to burn . A sustainable product of a woodland management plan that puts nature first.The logs are cut to your preferred size. A cubic metre load is £80 with free local delivery.

Wood Shelters

We build robust wood shelters, keeping your logs safe from the weather and allowing plenty of air circulation for them to dry further. we build them out of durable larch and oak. They are handmade to order and they are a visual asset as well as functional, prices start from £230 plus delivery.

About Us

Down To Earth is located at Holne Chase wood near Ashburton. This is a SSSI woodland and as such all work is overseen by English Nature. The focus is on caring and improving the woodland environment.


We supply oak timber of beam and planking quality as well as sweet chestnut for fencing. We are also keen to support local artists and carvers . We have unusual shaped wood and can supply spalted Beech and Birch planks.